Better Way Bulletin September 2023

Better health and care

Part of a series of events to explore what can be done to reduce health inequalities, improve social care and promote well-being, in our communities, and nationwide.

Leadership: What would it take to invert the pyramid in the health and care fields so that those at the front-line lead and managers follow?Tuesday 3rd October, 3.00-4.30


Relationships: How can we embed more relational behaviours in large health and care institutions?Tuesday 17th October, 3.00-4.30


Building a Bigger We

These events are for those who want to explore how they can be part of a bigger movement for change.

The Better Way principles: what are the principles all about, and how can they make a difference to ‘business as usual’?

Friday 27th October, 9.30-11.00


The Better Way behaviours: what are the behaviours all about, and how can they make a difference to our practice?

Friday 10th November, 9.30-11.00


Better Way podcasts

We’ve been getting enthusiastic feedback about our podcast series, hosted by Polly Neate and Roger Martin. Here are the latest episodes:

·       Episode 11: The story behind a Better Way, with Caroline Slocock

·       Episode 10: Turning your thinking upside-down, with John Mortimer

·       Episode 9: Collaboration, camaraderie and coffee, with Clare Wightman

·       Episode 8: Just doing what anyone would do, with David Robinson

And you can check out the whole series here.


Better Way thinking

There are a few quotes from recent Better Way discussions and debates:

·       Leadership: “Fundamentally, we need to shift the perspective that the leadership that’s needed to bring about a more healthy society comes from above, ‘it can come from all around you’.”

·       Power: “The system does not want to give up power. It is set up to do exactly what it is doing so it is not broken – we need a paradigm shift and so need to think about what that might look like.”

·       Change: “We must remember that change is possible – we have seen that we have been able to share power when there is a crisis, not least during Covid.”

·       Tactics: “Tactically, it may be that most will be achieved working ‘under the radar’, seeking out people with determination and influence who see the need for change.”

You can find a lot more Better Way thinking –  and examples of what this thinking can mean in practice – in the notes from our past events, here

And do check out our blogs as well. Here for example is an inspiring piece by Bethany Golding about Central Liverpool Primary Care Network’s work to tackle racial inequalities in health.  And Richard Harries has written about 15-minute neighbourhoods – how they can be introduced in ways which engage local residents, ‘focusing on what people need to thrive, whilst honouring the different aspects of their lives.’