Connect Northamptonshire invites interested VCSE organisations to Tender for the delivery of their Pilot Project to reduce Health Inequalities in Elderly Communities across Northamptonshire

Background for this Invitation to Tender


Northamptonshire is one of the UK’s fastest growing counties in England and Wales, with Northamptonshire seeing the highest increase in population groups aged 50 years and over.

The data for the WNC LAP Rural South shows that:

· 20.6% of the locality`s population is 65 and older which is above the England average of 18.4%.

• Rural South has the highest proportion of persons aged 75 and over amongst the WN LAP areas.

• The loneliness index score shows a higher probability of loneliness for those aged 65 and over compared to England

The data for the WNC LAP Northampton North shows that:

· 19.9% of people living in this LAP are over the age of 65 (England average = 18.4%). This is the highest proportion of persons aged 65 and over amongst the Northampton LAP areas.

· A higher-than-average proportion of Pension Credit claimants live in the area 12.2% (England average = 11.3%)

This Pilot project will explore why Health Inequalities exist the population group aged 65+ within these LAP areas WNC Rural South & Northampton North, and propose co-produced interventions to focus on the Prevention of ill health, with emphasis on how wider determinants of Health can affect health outcomes. A comparison will be required of the two areas, one of which is Rural, the other Urban, and how this affects Health Outcomes for the population in each LAP.

The Pilot Project will identify communities that often may only present to the Health & Social Care System at the point of crisis when resource intensive Statutory Services are required. Our Pilot Project will support and demonstrate the capacity and capabilities of our Voluntary and Community Groups, and Social Enterprises to design and coproduce Community-led initiatives with our communities health needs at the heart.

The Pilot Project will demonstrate Impact for our county’s Ambitions to “Live your Best Life”, with particular focus on monitoring;

· Opportunity to be fit, well & Independent

· To feel safe in home and when out and about

· Connected to their families and friends

· Access to health and social care when they need it

For more information, and application form to apply for this Pilot Project for see the attached file 

Applications must be submitted by close of play 15th December 2023

A panel of independent stakeholders will be convened to assess the tenders, and make a decision to award the contract to a “VCSE Project Lead” for this Pilot Project by Friday 9th February 2024

Each Tender will be assessed against the following Criteria:

                                                                            Assessment Weighting 

Evidence of good governance, structure and organisational sustainability                        10%

History of collaboration, convening and capacity building within our Local

VCSE Sector                                                                       20%

Evidence of understanding of Local Needs of the Communities within WNC

Rural South & Northampton North                                                      20%

An Innovative approach to the Pilot Project Brief of tackling Health

Inequalities in the elderly population in Northamptonshire                                                         20%

Capacity to deliver the Pilot Project and dedicate sufficient resource and

expertise                                                                           20%

Additional support or resources that you can contribute to the success of

the Pilot Project                                                                      10%