Mayday Trust PTS Coaching Service

The Mayday Trust have received funding from the National Lottery to provide PTS (person-led, transitional, strengths-based) coaching support across Northamptonshire for the next 3 years with the aim of helping people to improve their wellbeing.

Coaching focuses on building a trusting relationship over a set period of time (6-9 months) to empower people to make meaningful and sustainable changes in their lives, rather than providing immediate or crisis support.

The sort of people that coaching may work well for are:

  • people who have identified system barriers in their life (such as accessing appropriate housing, appealing a decision regarding benefits, transitioning out of prison, accessing NHS referrals) that they want to overcome.
  • people who have identified goals to improve their physical or mental well-being that they want to work towards (such as joining a group to expand their social circle)
  • people who are engaged with multiple services (mental health, job centre, criminal justice system) or are not able to access the support they feel they need
  • people who are faced with inequality (such as poverty) and/or have been impacted by systems (such as people involved with the criminal justice system, navigating homelessness, or seeking support through healthcare systems etc

For more information view the Coaching leaflet here